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Why Is Electrostatic Disinfection So Good for Restaurant Decontamination?

Because restaurants constantly have a large number of people going in and out, bringing in their own germs, leaving food leftovers and maybe even transmitting the coronavirus, restaurant owners are encouraged to use disinfection methods that are as efficient as possible. One of these is electrostatic disinfection, and it’s considered among the most efficient and reliable ways to get rid of unwanted particles and viruses.

restaurant decontamination

Electrostatic disinfection is great for restaurants for a number of reasons:

  • It’s very fast, and it won’t disrupt the activities of the restaurant for very long.
  • It features no toxic substances that would be unleashed on restaurant tables and other surfaces to possibly contaminate the food and water.
  • It uses electrostatic attraction to remove unwanted particles, and because of that it’s actually far more efficient in doing that when compared to other methods of decontamination.

If you own a restaurant, you are best off contacting an EPA-approved restaurant decontamination service. Consider electrostatic disinfection companies as some of the best you can use, and you won’t experience the difficulties that many other restaurants have in the past year or so. You’ll be able to continue running your restaurant conveniently without the threat of being shut down or of your customers contracting COVID or any other disease.