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Why is Electrostatic Disinfection So Effective?

The fight against Coronavirus has made disinfection quite popular lately. This method is quite efficient against many germs and viruses. Due to it, liquid disinfectants can be easily applied to large areas in a very short period of time. Electrostatic disinfection is effective not only for large areas, but also for intricately shaped spaces. For example, many airlines are using this method for disinfecting plane cabins between flights. Certain colleges are using electrostatic disinfection for campuses and school buses during the current school year, to keep children and teachers healthy and safe.

commercial disinfection service

Specialists from a commercial disinfection service near me corroborate that the reason why electrostatic disinfection is so effective is that it was especially conceived to completely cover certain surfaces with disinfectants. Most of the surfaces have either a negative, or a neutral charge. Due to this fact, droplets of disinfectant which are charged positively get attracted to those surfaces. While impacting a certain area, the positively charged droplets of disinfected repel each other, which causes the disinfection to quickly spread all over the place which needs to be cleaned. As a result, the disinfectant is spread evenly on all areas, even on the more problematic ones.

Electrostatic disinfection is effective not only for rooms, but also for medical equipment, wheelchairs, and so on.