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When Should I Have Electrostatic Disinfection Performed?

Electrostatic disinfection can help you disinfect more space in a shorter period of time. It has become a very popular type of disinfection ever since the Covid pandemics, for several good reasons.

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Despite the fact that it may seem quite complicated, the whole technology behind this type of disinfection actually is quite simple. By using positive or negative charges, electrostatic sprayers can make disinfecting products stick to the surfaces that need to be disinfected. The disinfection takes place regardless of the exact angle you are starting it from. It is great for quality home sanitizing service, businesses, and schools.

You may need to use this type of disinfection in case your building contains rooms that are more exposed to germs or grime. Such areas may include clean rooms or R&D facilities. Electrostatic disinfection is the best option for cleaning all the equipment and surfaces in that specific room.

Electrostatic disinfection has many advantages. For instance, it highly reduces the disinfection time, so that you can have your rooms clean and free of germs in a period which is 50% shorter than in the case of conventional disinfection methods.

It prevents the spread of viruses such as HIV, flu, MRSA, and so on. Moreover, it ensures the fact that chemical substances are not used in excess.