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The Benefits of Electrostatic Sanitizing for School Decontamination in Denver

school decontamination

Whether you’ve been living in Denver for years, or you just recently moved to the city with your family, you probably already know that this is one of the busiest and fastest growing large cities in America. Because it’s so busy, it stands to reason that Denver would be considered one of the places where children are the most vulnerable when it comes to contracting various contagious diseases, including the infamous SARS-CoV-2 virus which has been in the headlines for almost two years.

Fortunately, advanced technology is advancing almost as rapidly as dangerous pathogens are evolving, and now there is a superior method for decontaminating schools and other areas where children might be present: electrostatic sanitizing.

Electrostatic sanitizing for school decontamination is perfect where kids might be touching and accessing a lot of different surfaces and the risk for contamination is higher. Because it uses the electrostatic attraction of small particles, this method won’t leave any area untended to. Spraying surfaces will result in even the tiniest viruses and unwanted particles being bound to the substance of the spray through electrostatic attraction and then easily removed. If done frequently enough, electrostatic disinfection can minimize the risk of your children getting infected and allow them to continue their studies in peace.