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How Should I Prepare My Business Before Having Electrostatic Disinfection Performed?

Businesses that are about to have their spaces go through electrostatic disinfection need to make certain preparations, to make sure everything is safe and works properly. In order to prepare those rooms for cleaning, certain items need to be stored, so as not to get sprayed, such as papers, clothing, etc. If such items are found in an area, the cleaning team can find it more difficult to apply the electrostatic disinfection, and therefore, the whole process can last longer.

So the first thing to do is remove all clutter, garbage, clothing, paperwork, etc from the areas which are to be disinfected. Food needs to be stored in a safe place also. Open containers, dishwashers, cutlery must also be stored in a safe place.

Floors must be free of any unnecessary items. The cleaning team will be able to deal with the dirt. Another important thing to remember is to take down all decorations and ornamental elements from the walls, so that these areas can be easily disinfected also.

Rocky Mountain Bio Clean

In case you intend to use this type of disinfection in food preparation areas, you need to operate with great caution. At any rate, it is best to have the whole procedure performed by a professional cleaning team from Rocky Mountain Bio Clean.