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How Electrostatic Disinfection Can Improve Cleaning by Up to 90%

Because of the unique nature of electrostatic disinfection, you can use it for removing a wide range of invisible, tiny particles that might be very difficult to get rid of through conventional means. While things like vacuuming and using soft microfiber wipes for surfaces might do the trick in some cases, and humidifiers can be used along with your AC to remove unwanted particles from the air as well, these processes are not nearly as efficient as when they are used together with electrostatic disinfection.

The process itself is simple: a charged liquid is sprayed on surfaces and it is able to attract all unwanted tiny particles through its electric charge. So you don’t have to worry about using expensive filters or buying a lot of cleaning and disinfection products.

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Your cleaning will be improved by up to 90%, and you’ll find that your home or workplace will be much more pleasant to be in. if any of your family members or employees suffer from asthma, they will breathe easier and experience fewer attacks. Also, many office disinfection service experts agree that electrostatic disinfection is currently one of the most effective ways to counter COVID-19 and ensure that businesses stay open while preventing infection and the spreading of the virus at offices and other workplaces.