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How Does the Science of Electrostatic Sanitizing Really Work?

When you hear about electrostatic sanitizing, you might imagine something like a mad scientist zapping tiny germs with a lightning machine. Although that isn’t too far from the truth, electrostatic sanitizing  – learn more here https://www.rockymountainbioclean.com/ – is actually one of the most subtle and safest methods of removing unwanted allergens, particles and even small viruses from the premises, quickly and efficiently.

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The secret of this method has to do with the use of a special electrostatic substance that is sprayed on various surfaces and has a clearly defined electric charge. Due to the fact that opposite charges attract each other, the substance will attract viruses and particles to itself pretty easily once it’s on your desk, table or any other surface. Then, once you remove it, you also remove any harmful or contagious particles that might be present.

The speed and efficiency of this approach is quite impressive, and many experts consider electrostatic sanitizing to also be safer than many other practices. It can be applied quickly and without the need for any toxic compounds, and it doesn’t leave behind any unwanted residue. Moreover, the entire process lasts a very short time, so you can actually have a larger office space disinfected within less than half an hour or so.