What is the difference between Disinfecting Services vs Sanitizing Services?

Disinfecting services use a disinfectant which is any chemical that destroys or irreversibly inactivates microorganisms on surfaces. Sanitation services tend to use less potent chemicals, which reduce but not always eliminate microorganisms from materials. Additionally, sanitation services use less effective application and solution delivery methods. Hospital-grade disinfectants and disinfection services are best used for infection control, like coronavirus COVID-19, where sanitizers and sanitizing services are best used in relation to food, carpet, or clothing (EPA).

What are the benefits of electrostatic disinfection?
Electrostatic disinfection saves time, energy, and costs across the board by presenting a more efficient alternative to traditional cleaning techniques and cleaning solution applications.

  • Aids infection control and helps prevent the spread of viruses like influenza, coronavirus, MRSA, and HIV
  • Applies chemicals to surfaces in a controlled manner to eliminate overuse, reduce the amount of chemicals used, and reduce the amount of waste produced
  • Protects companies against costly financial burdens associated with contagious healthcare infections and reduces costs associated with purchasing chemical solutions and supporting long-term cleaning efforts
  • Serves as a defense from cross-contamination and moving germs and bacteria from one surface to another
How does electrostatic disinfection work?
Electrostatic sprayers use positive and negative charges to make disinfecting solutions electromagnetically stick to targeted surfaces. No matter which angle you disinfect a surface from, the charge created by the electrostatic sprayer makes the disinfectant wrap around and cling to the entire (neutral) surface.
What makes electrostatic spraying and fogging different from other types of sprayers?
When an object is sprayed with a conventional sprayer (including a trigger sprayer), a portion of the spray droplets reach the target object. The rest of the liquid droplets succumb to gravity and fall to the floor or simply float past the object. Further, surfaces of complex objects or hard to reach spots are often missed. These missed spots can be a breeding ground for pathogens.

Electrostatically applied liquids have a wrapping effect, so that complex objects and areas hidden from the line of sight get coated with the liquid. Consider a chair/desk, it is easy to disinfect the desk surface, but time consuming to disinfect the underside, the seat, back, and legs. Yet, these are tough points that will see contact with hands.

How long does electrostatic disinfection last?
Electrostatic disinfection lasts until the surface is contaminated again. While electrostatic cleaning does not create a protective barrier, it is important to note that ‘NO’ such disinfecting solution or delivery method exists that does. BEWARE any products or companies making such false claims.
Why should I Disinfect my home?
CDC states that frequent household cleaning and periodic disinfecting is essential to stop the spread of viruses (such as Covid-19) and significantly reduce the chances of getting sick overall. Our disinfecting services eliminate allergens, bacteria, germs, mold and viruses from the home. Reducing the risk of you or a family member contracting an illness, allergies and respiratory issues.
Why should I Disinfect my business?
There are multiple occasions when someone should use disinfecting services at their business, and an outbreak is definitely one of them. Recurring disinfecting services benefit high traffic businesses who see a lot of customers and/employees on a daily basis. Additionally, those facilities like doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals that need to be concerned with infection control benefit from recurring services.

For the Coronavirus crisis, it is important to get your facility disinfected if you have a suspected/confirmed coronavirus COVID-19 exposure. This means you know, or suspect, an employee or customer came into your business while infected with the virus. Disinfecting services are also important for “essential businesses” who need to stay open to support public needs; this so they can remain open and productive for the benefit of not only their business, their employees, but the general good as well.

Does it leave a damp residue on fabrics or paper?
Yes, electrostatic spraying will leave a slight residue on papers and fabric. The residue will not compromise the fabric in any way. Any important papers in the area being disinfected should be removed, and those left behind, not directly sprayed on.
Are there concerns about using it around computers, phones or other electrical devices?
None. All Rocky Mountain Bio Clean sprayers combined with any of our disinfectant solutions can be used around standard office equipment, such as laptops, desktops, keyboards, phones, POS systems and monitors.
Do you still have to clean before using electrostatic spraying or fogging equipment?
Yes. You will still need to remove visible soil (unlike a one-step process where you would have to clean/ disinfect every spot by keeping it wet for required amount of (dwell) time, and then spray to achieve a complete and quick sanitizing or disinfection. We recommend using the EPA registered, hospital grade disinfecting solutions that RMBC uses, which are available for purchase. Apply with a microfiber cloth, dry wipes and spray bottles to clean/disinfect surfaces prior to enhanced disinfection with RMBC electrostatic spraying or fogging services.
Is electrostatic disinfection safe?
Yes, electrostatic disinfection and the sprays used in electrostatic cleaning tools are extremely safe for tool operators, people present during cleaning, and people occupying the space after cleaning. Once the application process is complete and dry, the space is safe for both people and animals.
Is electrostatic disinfection environmentally friendly?
Yes, electrostatic disinfection is environmentally friendly, however this largely depends on the chemical solutions that are used to fill the disinfection tools. The electrostatic process can be performed with many different types of disinfectants, including green cleaning products. Rocky Mountain Bio Clean uses only environmentally friendly products in its cleaning procedures, and you should make sure to read all information and warnings for the solution you select. Electrostatic disinfection technology is also considered an eco-friendly method because it sprays up to 65% less chemicals per square foot.
How much do electrostatic disinfection services cost?
Producing a quote for electrostatic disinfection is highly dependent on the location and size of the space to be cleaned, the number and size of objects in the space itself, and the frequency of services administered. An in-person evaluation is required to provide a quote. We Offer A Best Price Guarantee. We will meet or beat any competitor’s price, period!
Does Rocky Mountain Bio Clean sell disinfectants?
Yes, Rocky Mountain Bio Clean uses two specialized, EPA-registered, hospital grade disinfectant solutions. Either are available for sale and include appropriate application instructions. Additionally, spray bottles and/or misters are included with each order at no additional charge. Please speak to your Rocky Mountain Bio Clean disinfecting specialist for more information, product availability and pricing.

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