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Electrostatic Disinfection Is the Easiest Way for Businesses to Stay Open and COVID-Free

If you want to keep your business open and to avoid COVID-19, then there aren’t many disinfection methods that can guarantee a good outcome. Some substances are effective, but they can be difficult to apply and the process takes a long time. Other cleaning agents might be toxic if used over a longer period of time.

Electrostatic disinfection has been presented as a viable alternative that is far more clean and efficient than other substances and solutions. It’s based on a scientific approach to disinfection that most people haven’t even imagined in the past. It is perfect for office decontamination.

office decontamination

When using electrostatic disinfection, you basically have a special substance that is sprayed on surfaces and acts to attract unwanted particles, parasites and viruses, so it can eliminate them. The substance is special in that it has an electric charge that is opposite to that of most viruses, including COVID. As a result, it can be used to attract and remove it without much fuss.

The entire process can be completed in record time and done over and over again even on a daily basis, if necessary. Electrostatic disinfection can also be used on electronics and just about any type of surface, so you can make sure that the virus won’t be passed from one person to another at the workplace, and that your company is safe to stay open.