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3 Things You Need to Know About Colorado Electrostatic Spraying Services

Along with COVID-19, a lot of new decontamination services and processes have come up that not everyone tends to trust. In Colorado, electrostatic spraying has come up a lot in conversation lately, and a lot of businesses, clinics and schools are using it to eliminate all traces of the virus.

EPA approved disinfectant

Let’s see what the experts say about these types of services and whether or not they should be used on a regular basis:

  1. They are safe. A lot of people become concerned when they hear tell about electricity being used to disinfect a school or an office. However, the types of currents involved are extremely small, simply causing tiny microscopic particles to be bound to the special substance of the electrostatic spray. Also, be cause of the nature of the substance, it can easily be removed from the surface along with the harmful particles, so you can resume your work without a problem.
  2. Electrostatic spraying services work much faster than other disinfection services. They don’t need a lot of toxic cleaning products that might cause irritation or allergies, and they will basically be in and out of your office without influencing your productivity in any significant way.
  3. Because electrostatic EPA approved disinfectant doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, it can be applied to practically any type of surface. That includes sensitive electronics and fragile surface materials that would normally need to be regarded and treated with great care during the process of decontamination.